Nail care and design for everyone!


Please note I have a minimum mobile charge of £20

IBD//Miss polished and candycoat gel Polish nails, large colour range including glitter matt and sugar,strengthens the natural nail,and no damage.

I carry over 60 colour combinations!

£24(half price until end of summer!)

up to 17 days of glossy,chip free wear with a range of finishes to choose from including high shine sparkle and extra matte
*With tailored treatment manicure including exfoliation and luxury hand mask*


IBD gel polish toes


*IBD gel with spa pedicure,including aroma foot soak,exfoliation,spa clay mask and hard skin removal 


LCN nail boost manicure

A clear lasting thin gel layer with keratin, giving strength and ultimate shine to the Natural nail perfect if you struggle with damaged nails or you are wishing to grow your nails without adding extensions,including exfoliation and hand mask

Love by CJP hema free acrylic nails set,sculpture classic free form or tip extended nails £20

Extreme length or bespoke themed  design nails £40(up to 3 hours)

Nail maintenance EXTENSIONS max 20 DAYS


20 days  or more will be charged as removal and new set due to the re balance and amount of time and product used.

W i l d e  p e d i q u e gel toe nail enhancement,the only gel designd for toes


Any nail art OR FRENCH FINISH can be added to this durable protective and antibacterial gel layer,how about Diamante pave or glitter to finish!

Toe nail repair or correction,stop hiding those less than perfect toes!

£35 one nail(minimum charge)

£50 PER full set corrected nails,please see the short video in Q&A 

French finish and glitter is free
3D nail art,gem clusters custom pieces £2

(2 accent nails)£8 full set(please allow time)

colour gel applied over extensions £2

Nail stamping by CJS Canada the only layered design plate! 

(2 accent nails)£1 full set£4

Holochrome unicorn or mermaid finish £2

**Removal of acrylic enhancements £10**

gel polish removal £10 not charged if re applying on the day**

Silicone Practice Hand

True to life training solutions