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**I do not replace or refund Dolly's that have been cut,trimmed,split,pierced or wrong adhesive has damaged due to not following these instructions,she is designed to be treated like a real hand so please look after her as you would a real client,score your file edges just because its not real skin will not stop it cutting,all Dolly's are tested strictly before leaving so please do not expect me to replace or refund your miss use,pulling and wrenching fingers or thumb will cause pose fail and at no time can sharp nail tools be used on her skin even sharp files edges will begin to lift the skin away**

Thank you so much for choosing to have a Handolly training hand as part of your nail journey,she will help you with anything you need to do, giving you the chance to try new designs or play around with new products before you do a full client set,showcase your work by framing the tip sets or boxing in a tip card system that helps your clients decide on a design(simply apply very little adhesive to the nail beds if you intend to remove the nails and display) Dolly has just become super busy as she has now travelled across the world to Canada,Africa and Poland...and she might be going to the USA very soon,I'm also releasing a realistic lash training head in Summer 2019 and A mobile Nail tech trolley kit is also in the early planning stages .

In this box are 3 sets of extra tips after that its up to you to choose your style/shape of tip you can redesign as you would on a client by efiling back to your base layer so you may find you don't need to change the tips often,using nail guards is the easiest way to use her,simply pop off your nail back to Dollys base nail,and if you follow the instructions below and use the guidance to look after Dolly she will be with you for years,she is acetone resistant to 12 hours,course file safe(providing well scored) and efile safe with fissure pattern carbides,diamond bits and ceramic bits,,her skin tone will not fade or smear and she loves a warm bubble bath now and then,you can use any nail materials with her,glitter and pigments will grab to her skin and can be tricky to dust off(hence the bath)
If you need to shorten or shape tips use a tip cutter keeping Dolly's nail bed if full view so you cant cut her,first use a course file/180 to finish shaping.

DO NOT attempt to pull tips off of Dolly,soaking in acetone is best,around 10 mins then gently peel away,the aim is to remove the nail from the bed rather than layers of product,you don't need to fully secure the tips if you dont intend to efile,as you replace as a small bond in the centre is fine,you may also wish to use the nail guards to pop off the nails and save your designs,simply apply them to the nail bed that you have adhered to dolly's skin,position your next full nail and gently remove afterwards.

DO NOT use a different adhesive other than the one I have tested,GORILLA GEL GLUE ONLY If you do its at your own risk people have tried to do this and destroyed her,nail glue or general purpose super glue will not bond to silicone silicone will only bond to itself or adhesives containing a solvent key (a bit like a primer) it is highly possible that nail glue will damage Dolly depending on the ingredients it may be irreversable.

Dolly's composition is a skin safe durable highly tear resistant silicone,she has no odour and has the feel, look and weight of a real hand! full safety data has been obtained,each sale is individual,every Dolly is created by myself,by hand,with love and care,I try to support small Facebook business pages and in the future you will see details and offers of nail and beauty products I think are beautiful ❤

*Fitting new tips,after soaking and or gently filing away any remaining product its best to give Dolly a bath...let her relax in the warm water for 10 minutes,then gently dry her with a non fluffy towel,or kitchen paper,you will need to clean around the cuticle area with IPA or hard gel/ polish wipe off solution(not acetone for this stage),then wait for 10 minutes to allow evaporation please avoid touching the nail bed now,while your waiting size your tips and get everything ready,an IPA soaked cotton pad non lint or similar to wipe up any spill emergencies,a towel to rest Dolly on to protect your nail station or worktop,a cuticle pusher(not plastic) please Don't wear gloves as the adhesive will bond very quickly to them and there is a danger that the latex or vinyl will bond to your skin as glue can cause melting and a heat reaction when in contact with some materials,Gorilla gel glue is the best adhesive that passed my testing,it costs around £3.00 and will fit up to 20 new sets of tips,this adhesive and 50 tips and 60 nail guards are £10 on my website as a pack with free post.

As always using an adhesive be sensible and safe,do not allow children or pets access to the adhesive,I will not be held responsible for glue accidents or wrong adhesive being attempted,and exactly the same as on a client do stick fresh nails over old product! it will compromise adhesion.

One at a time place a dot of adhesive in the back 1/3 of the tip do not spread out,pinch Dolly's fingertip and push the tip back toward the cuticle,tip down,watching to disperse air bubbles as you go,now hold for 30 seconds,move on to your next tip repeating the steps,when you have finished place Dolly wrist down and leave her for 30 minutes to fully bond,using this technique you should be able to apply the same amount of pressure during filing and shaping as you would on a client(always get into the habit of supporting the nail as you file,and anchor/link for efile use.

Any comments,suggestions and feedback are welcome,any questions please contact me through email at,I always aim to respond quickly.

Best wishes for your Nail journey x


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