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Posable slide lock hand kit with photo accesories!

Posable slide lock hand kit with photo accesories!


Handolly brings you everything you need to get started in this custom kit!A flexilble skin feel hand that you can finger pose with cuticle void to slide tips into,you do not need glue with any of my hands or feet or fingers!........this set includes,friction grip desk clamp and arm with sleeve(your re buying a full hand not short)

(to choose a suction arm instead please use coments box)

Also please choose left or right in comments box at checkout

a ring(stock varies) a stunning double sided diamond photo matt, pom pom or diamond gem or flower photo prop, tips pack 10 sets,and freeze led curing lamp with squishy stamp practice away with a real feel experience,dolly rotates and flexes like a real hand,simply slide tips in and out for quick designs.

You must use our base nails for a secure flat fit and follow instructions as the hand is made for that nail shape.

sleeve colours vary please request a colour in comments and will do my best to accomodate, sometimes stock levels dictate choice.

please note the colour reference image is our shorty hand this listing is a full hand.

Rupture de stock
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