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Big On Brands!

So on our Handolly Facebook pages we pay close attention to what you like and what you use,and we think a few people need a special mention.

Starting your own brand is one of the hardest things in the beauty industry to achieve,its a labour of love and very often falls flat in its first year,so many take on this mammoth task on the presumption its easy,its just buying and me its not!

There is so much to consider in every aspect of of your branding dream everything from keeping up with the competition,financial planning,legal hoops to jump through,marketing,your all important USP and every other little hurdle you could fall over,personally I love to support small brands who are putting so much time and effort in whilst trying to juggle the rest of adulting

(who wants to adult its so over rated) in the small gaps that arise between your love for your up and coming brand.

I reached a point 3 months ago where I seriously considered giving more practice hands,but then it hit me,I'd worked so hard to get to this point and invested heaps of cash into why give up,so thats when you sit down and say right whats going wrong,whats not working,how can I change it,and above all is your heart in it? If the answer to that is NO...stop,stop because this is your career now this is your dream,for most of you like it was for me it will be the stress you give yourself over what you perceive to be failure..I quiet time perhaps,or a complaint,or just no damn profit...huff.

we just want you to know that it gets easier...and if its your dream and you've worked hard for it you need to do everything you can to keep that dream alive xx

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