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Kirsty Meakin gets her customised Handolly!

If you love nails,beauty,hair and cool fashion Kirsty Meakin is your go to youtube queen!

With multiple awards and and as a judge in many nail competitions and shows Kirstys career has taken her all over the world and sheeven her own merchandise range of superb quality nail products and fashion items,the brushes are divine and amazing quality with cute family names for that personal connection...all with the adorable iconic skull logo,the nail forms fit Handolly hands perfectly and do not move,they can be customised to fit the free edge perfectly and have a perforated extra length (extreme) section you can simply remove if not needed.

If your a Newby tech there is nothing Kirsty doesn't cover in her informative yet hilarious videos,everything from acrylic,gel,simple to the most intricate advanced nail designs with camera man Adam,as a pair it makes for relaxed education and honesty about many techniques and products....its so easy to learn and retain information when your having fun right?

At the start of this video Kirsty shows her custom made hand,I was delighted to do this for her and its so funny that Adam finds it creepy! 🤣😂🥰


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